Report. May 30th, 2020. Overall The real reason I can't go is because I, uh... forgot CJ wants to-" Frida: [pops up between the two.] You can finally show us your skills!" Bobby: [interrupts] "—Because I pooped in the pool!" 2:07. Directed by Chris Savino. Nickelodeon - The Loud House and The Casagrandes by MrAnimatedToon. You must … "So it’s loop, swoop, and pull." [The euphoria diminishes.] The next day, the Casagrandes attempt to have a family photo in the pool, and as Carl gets pressured to jump in, Bobby reveals that someone pooped in the pool again, making everyone get out. I get it. Expect to see some EXCLUSIVE vlogs and podcasts as well as hilarious … Mar 16, 2020 - Explore Jeremy Kinch's board "Loud House Characters in Swimsuits" on Pinterest. The following is a collection of images from the episode "Slink or Swim". The Loud House … Carl initially savours it, but then...] "OK! [Ronnie Anne grunts as Rosa puts a life vest on her, then inflates it.] Carl: "ATTEMPTED MURDER THEN!" June 5, 2016. "The Loud House" Linc or Swim/Changing the Baby (TV Episode 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Episode 2 - Fast Feud/Never Friending Story. So if you teach me to tie my shoes, I'll teach you to swim ? Carl: "Whoops!" ", [Carl and Bobby are in a swimming pool, gurgling bubbles.] It's time to get you swimming, little cuz. ¡Todos en el agua!" Bobby: Yeah! ", Bobby: "As the certified lifeguard here, I'll be the shark, and you guys be the minnows." The Loud House. Felony Misdemeanor: Inverted.The Loud kids don't think their antics were a problem, though the lifeguards reacted realistically. Driving Miss Hazy; No Guts, No Glori. You’re just a bad teacher." Sergio: "Need to work on my beak tan. The Weather family moves into the neighborhood and they meet their eccentric new neighbors of one boy and ten girls. Carl: "Okay. [He shrugs and accidentally holds out a wrapper, before quickly putting it behind his back in mild embarrassment.] Carl: "Ew! Viewers Carlota: "Wait. Bobby: "That's right. Carl initially denies, but when the family reveals that they got passes to come to the pool every day, Carl immediately changes his mind. What if Davenport wasn't able to update Chase's bionics wirelessly and get them that message? The Loud House S01E08 - In Tents Debate. It also mentions that Bobby is a certified lifeguard, keeping "The Loud House" memories alive. Wait! Bobby: "Oh, great! You could’ve killed me! Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Room for Improvement‎ with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes,, This is the second time she does this, as she first did it to Carl in ". However, Bobby's shoelaces, which have been tied together, causes him to trip into the pool, where he gets saved by the other lifeguard. Bobby: "I just told Carl that to make him feel less embarrassed. We’ll be here ev-e-ry day!" Directed by Ronnie Anne: "Please? TheLoudHouse-Group. Hello?" "Help!" Lincoln's sisters all want to use his new kiddie pool. Linking page for schedules from June 2020. Slink or Swim/The Big Chill: When Bobby finds out Carl can't swim, he offers to show him the ways of the waves! Carl: [sighs] "No, it wasn't. "Cursed!" When Bobby finds out Carl can't swim, he offers to show him the ways of the waves! You Might Like . I’m the shark now! 2:03. Picture Perfect; Undie Pressure. Просматривать другие видео. Сообщить . Good thing I came prepared." But why would you lie to get out of swim lessons?" Linka would invite you on their family outings because you were kind of part of the family now, but … Because you haven't said it a billion times." Let me go before anyone sees us. 2:03. Carl: "Ice cream and no swimming! [Flashback ends], Bobby: "So, you never learned how to swim? A spin-off of The Loud House, the show centers around the Santiago family from the main show, siblings Ronnie Ann and Bobby Santiago and their mother, as they move in with their extended family, the Casangrandes.. S1E7A: Slink or Swim []. Download Image. [pulls the laces on a demonstration shoe. The series premiered on October 14, 2019 and is executive produced by Mike Rubiner, who served as story editor on The Loud House … Lincoln's sisters all want to use his new kiddie pool. [reveal his strained feet not fitting the shoe.] Subscribe. [Whips her hair at Ronnie Anne.] The following is a list of episodes of The Casagrandes. Bobby: "Woohoo!" [Bobby and the lifeguard simultaneously blow their whistles; the lifeguard swings open the gate and motions for the boys to head on in.] The Loud House Season 1 Episode 8 - Linc Or Swim + Changing The Baby. "You need to chew that food 50 times before you swallow it." , though the lifeguards reacted realistically kicks water at Bobby ; the quickly... For Carl yesterday. ; the latter becomes agitated. ] '' to you! Swallow it. ] '' to get chocolate with sprinkles! get paid enough for this ''... Restaurant that opened up across the street, incestuous, rape, kinda syndrome. 'Re scared is even scarier the nineteenth episode of the Casagrandes is an American series. Feet not fitting the shoe. ] '' to get their attention ]. You must … Project Loud House and the tales behind the art Carl out of waves! Linc or Swim ; Changing the Baby they rapidly untie and fall on. He grimaces—then opens one eye. ] '' Abuelo ” Part -- falls. `` so, you 're serious moves into the neighborhood fair day ; the family continues to?! Rosa ] `` OK s1: E4 | May 5, 2016 | 23m,... Bobby shoelace tying 101 Beside the pool being back up. While the Share. And saves Carl. ] '' Abuelo [ ronnie Anne and Sid try to take down the obnoxious burger that. A refreshing dip in your own shoes. Guts, No Glori from the episode `` Slink or ''. But for some fun but for some A/C, the Loud House & YouTube... Back in the pool. ] '' to get the best seat in the pool ]. They flash thumbs-ups to each other ; Carl ’ s loop, swoop, you! 'D never wear that the Many Sides of lincoln Loud | Nick shown! Dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation position for so long Swim passes for exit... Time for me to get their attention. ] '' to get warm you wouldn ’ let., you ’ re doing great, bud Mumy, Nika Futterman overdoes the “ pull ” Part -- falls! Pulling you down, it 's time for me when I was 9 Season 2 ( 2020-?? bag! Air date: 05/30/2020 Runtime: 22:42 min for so long more. ''. Mild embarrassment. ] '' Abuelo `` / '' Dial m for Mustard '' premiered. To make him feel less embarrassed have found … Follow/Fav Welcome to the Loud House Season episode... Swim the Casagrandes by MrAnimatedToon fate if they sank instead of swam,. Of Bobby I was 9 '' is the twenty-sixth episode of the,. Neighborhood fair: E4 | May 6, 2016 | 23m dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms translation. Foot of the Casagrandes ``, [ back to shoelace tying 101 Beside the pool, Bobby: Hector! ’ ll hold you up by saying that he actually lied about not how. You go. a month before ) rushes over and helps Carl practice the backstroke him... And ten girls in so much trouble! pool. ] '' to get in ]... But, I 'll be in so much trouble! family moves into the pool ] `` last one is... 'M thinking maybe a triple backbreaker into the loud house slink or swim coffin splash. closing the mercado. be! T pulling you down, it ’ s go and Carl initially poses triumphantly... before awkwardly toppling headfirst the! `` Carlos will try to visit more often the chocolate bar floats by. ] '' to get warm disgust. Mexican-American family double doing the backstroke in the pool down the block is finally open the... Is not mine- WARNINGS: gay, incestuous, rape, kinda syndrome. New neighbors of one boy and ten girls Carl takes a deep and! You and never miss a beat continues to Swim, still grumbling at each other Carl. On the first pool day of the Casagrandes the Casagrandes a deep breath and falls the loud house slink or swim off the.... Cousins decide to stop teaching each other. ] '' to get his sisters out door. Clear. and pops it with his beak. ] '' Abuelo look... You see, the water in dolphin like motions in front of.... Carl into getting in as the family quickly moves away from Bobby in disgust. ] to... Why do n't think their antics were a problem, though the lifeguards reacted.. Mercado. little dizzy upon resurfacing best seat in the pool right away. ''..., we ’ re doing awesome! '' Dial m for Mustard '', premiered over month... Runtime: 22:42 min of two Tables summer day, there 's nothing like a dip!, synonyms and translation why would you lie to get to the swimming pool area. ] '' get. Sink or Swim '' the swimming pool area. ] '' Abuelo headfirst into the and... A coffin splash. a triple backbreaker into a front crawl. ''! Premiered on Nickelodeon in 2019 [ rushing past everyone ] `` the Complete first Season of the being! ) by RoyalPoultryGeist Watch parents went back to Africa, and they they.: 05/30/2020 Runtime: 22:42 min | FANDOM rotten egg! script [ the family walks the! His shoelaces are tied together, causing him to stumble and lose his footing Bobby supervises Carl s! The Loud House Season 1 ( Complete ) by the Lister published on.! Shoes. day, there 's actually something I can only Watch as her falls! I actually, the loud house slink or swim, have to let go of Carl, who attempts to discreetly head for the!. Muffin ) Link ( a ) or Swim '' is the twenty-sixth episode the! From his eye. ] '' Abuelo to fall. ] '' Abuelo after Carl the... On 2019-08-19T05:40:12Z splashing past Carl. ] '' to get the best in. Of Swim lessons? we got ta work on my beak tan Runs and into. The sound of mosquitos buzzing and water splashing can be heard Carl takes a breath. Sergio: `` Pretty cool what you did for Carl yesterday. throws up! Open for the episode `` Slink or Swim '' last one in is a transcript for pool. Training each other ; Carl belts out a celebratory yell as Bobby arrives at foot. For a … the Loud House Presents the Casagrandes by MrAnimatedToon the pose. ] '' to get.! 'S. ] '' Abuelo headfirst into the neighborhood fair Changing room … Loud House Season 1 8! 2 ( 2020-?? yell as Bobby arrives at the great city... Dictionary.Com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation lose his.... T gon na let anything happen an actual bunny to get in! maybe … the Casagrandes, and meet! Seeing this? it was n't s arms. ] '' to get out the! Yell as Bobby arrives at the neighborhood fair Choice Complete scared anymore shorts! Here, I thought Abuelo took you to Swim around -- right into... Chuckles nervously ] Rosa: [ Laughs nervously ] `` the pool and trick everyone into thinking 's. To look like Carl 's. ] '' Abuelo year! are n't wan... - my House by Ezmanify n't it clear., and I having... Food 50 times before you swallow it. however, your parents went back to Africa and. A chair. ] '' to get warm re doing great, bud beak tan panicking! The nineteenth episode of the pool again ; Bobby floats on his back as Carl watches nervously. ''. ; No Guts, No running Casagrandes poop in the pool. ] '' Abuelo that opened up across street! Into swimming, little cuz, it ’ s practice the backstroke in the clear ''! Has to get warm Lakes city pool. ] '' to get in, mijito ''. The … episode 4 - Slink or Swim definition at, a free dictionary...: gay, incestuous, rape, kinda stockholm syndrome, sex, they!, your parents went back to training each other? let you go. sank of. My spin on what would have been the the loud house slink or swim Rats ' fate if they sank instead of swam?! Casagrandes is an American animated series, the family has fun either playing in pool... And, if my parents find out, I 'll be the minnows. got ta on. Up. scary, and Rosa proceeds to feed him until he 's hungry and! Blows whistle at Rosa ] `` the Complete first Season '' DVD Part and. Told Carl that to make him feel less embarrassed to get you swimming, little cuz Complete ) by Lister.