In Britain, the Bronze Age started around 2100BC and ended around 650BC. Knowledge of metalworking gradually spread from Europe to Ireland during the 2nd millenium BC ( 2000 years Before Christ).The Bronze Age was called so after the metal Bronze which was a mixture of copper and tin. It is suitable for using with Key Stage 2. Our popular planning and resource pack contains a full unit of work for lower KS2 covering the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Use the high quality images in our image bank to give your students an introduction to Bronze Age Britain through real objects from the time. Women tended to wear longer skirts and men may have worn leggings, cloaks and hats. The Bronze Age is the time period when people made tools from an alloy (a mixture of metals) called bronze.Bronze is a mixture of mainly copper and tin: usually nine parts copper to one part tin.Materials like wood and stone were also used for tools, but bronze was better for cutting and chopping, and was easy to shape. Truly, it makes her day enjoyable, structured and continuous. See more ideas about stone age ks2, stone age, iron age. Explore the Stone Age Curriculum and have a go at this paper stone age axe. When people began smelting metal around 4500 years ago the Bronze Age began in the British Isles. I do wish you were around then, as your content is fantastic and my little boy looks forward to your daily worksheets. Password must contain at least 10 alphanumeric (letter or number) characters. Farmers grew cereal grains such as wheat and barley and kept cattle and other animals. People could now weave wool into cloth. In Britain, the Bronze Age lasted around 1500 years. Some groups of Bronze Age people developed early writing and other important advances included irrigation, the wheel and the potter’s wheel. The boats carried people, animals and trading goods. Explore the Stone Age Curriculum and have a go at this paper stone age axe. Your site has been fantastic. Some of the great battles and wars of the period have left traces in the historical record, others are the subject of myth and legends such as the battles fought by the Greeks and Trojans over Helen of Troy, and still others form part of the stories told in the Old Testament such as the battle fought by Joshua at Jericho. Thank you so very much for all the help your site is giving myself to aid my daughter's education at home. Primary History. But nettle pudding makes those dishes look like young pretenders. i='\" alt="Email us." Saved by KS2History. b='courses' There were no written records during the Bronze Age. History Activities. The Stone Age is the name given to the earliest period of human culture when stone tools were first used. Some of the best known Bronze Age civilisations include those of the ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Mycenae, the Indus Valley and the Shang Dynasty in China. What are the top 10 facts about the Bronze Age? KS2 History: The Bronze Age - Using Metal Comprehension Worksheet This story-led comprehension worksheet begins with a short story based on the theme of bronze-making, along with some other facts and information. Follow in the footsteps of ancient craftsmen to open a window on the past. 3. I am a specialist I am really very impressed with the quality of these worksheets.’, Extraction of metals begins in Persia and Afghanistan, Nordic Bronze Age; Shang Dynasty established in China. My name is Neil Burridge, welcome to my Web site. Neil Burridge document.write(a+b+c+d+e) Stone Age Ks2 Tooth Necklace Iron Age Stonehenge Tribal Art Getting Old Art For Kids Celtic Pre History. The Bronze Age is the name given to the period of time between the. Stone Age cave art lesson . In contrast to the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, development during the Iron Age (c.1100-200 BCE) was much faster and more visible. It is thought that the Bronze Age began in Britain around 2100 BC. Metal working skills could also be used to produce household and luxury goods and fine jewellery. See more ideas about iron age, stone age, stone age art. DIY Projects. } They are very ‘hands on’, else if (h) d=g+h+i The first metal which was used was copper, then bronze, which is a mixture of copper and tin, and then finally iron, which is a much more abundant mineral and therefore easier to find in nature. Built to a circular plan, this had wall posts of wood or stone filled in with wattle-(woven wood) and- daub, a mixture of mud and straw. Stone Age Boy. Enter to win one of 7 passes to the screening on 6th Feb! if (f) d=f 4. The Bell-Beaker People brought bronze into Britain. DIY Chuckbox .. Stone Age Ks2 ... . Password must contain at least one lowercase character. Most people wore tunics, perhaps belted or worn with jewelled clasps. KS2 The Stone Age- The Stone Age Word Cards Nettle pudding has been declared Britain's oldest recipe, dating from 6,000BC. a='