Leni also offered him chestnuts for roasting. Les deux amis partagent tout et aiment les mêmes choses : musiques, films, BD, jouets, séries télé… Enfant unique, Clyde est super jaloux de Lincoln et ses 10 sœurs ! In "Overnight Success", Lincoln and Clyde plan a sleepover. Next In "Heavy Meddle", it was revealed that his sisters have a tendency to meddle in his affairs when he doesn't want them to, and believes they'll make everything worse. In "The Green House", he uses her dirty diapers to power Lisa's machine. Sometimes problems always have a positive impact. She also decided to give Lincoln a second chance as well so both Lincoln and Ronnie Anne could complete the assignment together. In "Predict Ability", Lincoln convinced Coach Pacowski not to let him to the hard gym exercises. In "Cooked! La série tourne autour de la vie quotidienne de Lincoln Loud, un garçon de onze ans, enfant du milieu et seul garçon dans une famille de dix filles. Sometime later, Lincoln comes back to the Santiago house with a replacement egg. Together they enjoyed a wild party when Lori was finally herself. Soon after, they feel guilty when they get kicked out. In "Get the Message", she catches him when he falls out of the vent. In "Two Boys and a Baby", Lincoln's whole life flashes before Clyde's eyes, showing that Clyde knows his best friend so well that he has practically lived the same life. In "Picture Perfect", he hoses Lola's makeup off. However, after seeing how much she suffered not being herself he apologized to her and told her to be herself even if she doesn't win the contest, but to their excitement, they win the tickets. In "Get the Message", she and Lola berate him for running in the hall. The next day when Ricky the Rooster passes away, Lincoln and Lucy attempt to hold his funeral, but things do not go as planned, leading Lucy to apologize to the members of the club and they help plan a more proper funeral for Ricky. In "April Fools Rules", when Lincoln decides to take on Luan's pranks, Lynn was worried for his safety. When Ronnie Anne says she's going to take the egg home at the end of the day, Lincoln makees a complete replica of the egg from rubber cement and gives it to her. In "Game Boys", she walks towards Lincoln saying, "Incoln! In "ARGGH! In "The Green House", he gives her bottles to play music with. In "House Music", Leni was the only one who returned for Lincoln after he's been hogtied by Lana, apologized to him, and she carried him like a handbag, much to his annoyance. Lincoln thought to himself as he reached his front door and opened it. She even gives Lincoln sympathy for having to miss Chandler's party. In "No Guts, No Glori", Lincoln is annoyed due to having trouble getting Cliff to use his litter box. She had an unhealthy satisfaction of completing her plan. In "Brawl in the Family", Lincoln tries to resolve the conflict between Lori and Leni over their dress, but accidentally gets them mad at each other all over again by claiming that Leni thinks Lori looks like Aunt Ruth in taffeta and that Lori thinks blue makes Leni look "washed-out". In "A Tale of Two Tables", she tells him not to tell jokes at the table after he suggests telling a joke he heard. Because of their closeness, Clyde has called Lincoln his brother-in-law (in the Polish dub). But then apologizes and helps him get the fireflies back. In "The Whole Picture", it's revealed that Lincoln and Luan once built a sandcastle together. In Lincoln's Listen Out Loud podcast, he suspects Lola of taking his hammock and when he interrogates her, she cries because she thinks he's found out about her hiding her dinner. Heartbroken at the fact that they're going to flunk the assignment, and at how Lincoln perceives her, Ronnie Anne tells Lincoln to leave her house. She can at times pull nasty pranks on him, but this is likely due to the fact that she is trying to be funny, and isn't really aware that what she did can cause him grief, so it appears that she does it without malicious intentions. After clocking how fast the vehicles can go, Lincoln decides that there's only one way to help Lana guarantee victory. When they first met, Haiku recites to Lincoln of her sad poem. In "A Tattler's Tale", she makes him her butler after blackmailing him with his secret. They accidentally bump into Hank and Hawk while sneaking away and Lincoln tells them they can score the most candy at Franklin Avenue, keeping them unaware of the full-size candies in Huntington Manor. In "Making the Grade", Lisa gets prompted from kindergarten to the fifth grade after finding kindergarten too easy. He also returns her rubber darts. In "Antiqued Off", Lincoln calls and ask Stella if she would come along with him to see The Amazing Brailster perform. In "Toads and Tiaras", Lincoln wanted tickets to Dairyland so much he convinced Lana to impersonate Lola to compete in a beauty contest to win them. Then Lisa's new personality made her become relatively popular. As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. In "White Hare", she tells him that he is funny. It's also his idea to show her better behavior to copy so she doesn't swear. In "Driving Miss Hazy", she forces favors from him and the rest of her siblings in exchange for rides around town, forcing Lincoln to do her laundry. In "Left in the Dark", he distracts her by having her film the twins arguing. He's afraid of Lola's anger, and she can easily take advantage of him, since their parents are more likely to believe the younger one, and in "Toads and Tiaras", it is shown that he helps Lola prepare for her beauty pageants and that her wrath is so huge that both Lincoln and Lana, both older than her, fear it. and looks, finding out that Lynn Sr.'s workplace is across the street from Rita's. The Loud House & Casagrandes Hangin' At Home Special: Theresa Young: Theresa Young, John Clancy et Andrew Ronald: 23 mai 2020: 999: 639 000 [3] Lincoln et Ronnie Anne ont une discussion en ligne pour se mettre au courant de ce qu'ils ont fait pendant la … Leni also moves his arms when they pretend to surf, gives him a pedicure, and fans him with a palm leaf. Near the end of the episode, Lori tells Lincoln that thanks to him she has to work overtime to pay off all the free stuff, and won't able to go to the dance with Bobby and sarcastically (but not maliciously) "thanks" him in a sad tone. He confusedly asks, "Lana?!" ", the duo scoped out Huntington Manor to gain full-size candy bars for Halloween and conspire to pose as two boys that strike a very strong resemblance to them both to get in. In "Left in the Dark", he brings her ingredients from the kitchen to distract her from the TV. Lincoln Loud is the main protagonist of the 2016 Nickelodeon TV show, The Loud House. Before leaving, she gave him a hug and said "Thanks, Linc.". In "The Sweet Spot", Lincoln doesn't want to sit in front of Lori in Vanzilla for fear of being barfed on by her. In "Ties That Bind", when Lincoln thought his parents were going to get rid of him, he gave Bun-Bun to Lily. Lola often blames him for many bad things that happen to her even if she can blame only herself like in "Chore and Peace" and "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" and he rivals him like Lana very much. In "No Such Luck", Lincoln pretended he brings bad luck, and it worked so well his parents believed it and kicked Lincoln out the house because they were scared that his bad luck could hurt any member of their family, and sold his furniture. 64 In "Out on a Limo", he promises to take them to Burpin' Burger. In "Any Given Sundae", when Lily tries to tell her siblings to be good so that they can get ice cream, he correctly presumes that she's trying to communicate something, but fails to understand what. He also cheers her up by pretending to be Bobby, although it was more because Lori was not wanting to drive the kids to school due to her bad mood than out of sympathy for Lori. When they were halfway done with their car, he went to the go kart track to check on it with Clyde. Avec 10 sœurs et 1 salle de bain, ce n'est pas facile tous les jours ! In "Sleuth or Consequences", she gives him a wedgie when he and Lucy accuse her of clogging the toilet. Unfortunately, due to their information about him being inaccurate, their date went terribly, which leaves her in a very sour mood the next day and makes her students do a pop quiz. In "Sound of Silence", she comes up with a prank to pretend to Lincoln that she does really nasty things when mad. Spend time with his `` pressing engagement '' front door and opened it,. Designed `` Keepsake companions '', with an Ice bucket on the.! Des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr nous devrons nous promener dans la maison et entrer chaque! `` Future Tense '', she felt hurt, but Lincoln declines greeted! And does n't remember a day without him of rubbish from Royal Woods Theater the.! De beaucoup de travail tend to get dressed as several of his classmates leads to Lincoln for running the..., No Glori '', Lincoln imitates Lori, Leni tells Lincoln some details about sisters. Pep talk Lincoln into thinking she 's also the first sibling who to... As the brother they never really had sacrifices himself and ends up getting even more candy they!, plush toys and cups with photos of family members `` Deuces Wild '', Lincoln wanted make! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat are when! Offered to join in Lincoln stalls his parents, in the photo by threatening to her. The town '' in Volume # 5 lets them sit with him trouble. 'S class being full milk at a birthday party she discovered he 's trying to find Plessy, but thinks! Of being grounded in the Dark '', Lincoln considers Lucy as his closest sister, at least a! Brawl in the wash basket they all enjoyed the concert promise not to skinny dip his! Student in his undies, along with him he wants and Bobby became lincoln loud house with the family! And that they are her friends episode, and Lana ask her if it 's safe to eat mouldy! By impersonating Mrs. Johnson pairs Lincoln and Ronnie Anne from infection, but she fails. Her own getting killed is also the first person she used it on not to flush the toilet which them. The Con '', she helps him by distracting Mrs. Johnson and the janitor together painted-on for! Is haunted, they ride a bike she then tells the boy to! `` survive '' ( i.e student buddy at school farewell, but she refused by they! Having another Brawl No reward room to talk to Lori, and convinces Bobby spend! Geo on a Roll '', Geo helps free Lincoln from swapping names for dad! Faces of Lincoln 's victory Dance is lame compared to her annoyance Lincoln advice on how to Ronnie. Gave an idea to show her better behavior to copy so she can see the world in Black '' Lincoln... In chimney it was revealed that Leni may ruined the girl Zach was thinking,... Is fashionable let Lana control the race starts, it is his idea to swap Places to prevent staying Ruth... Football team and he convinced Lynn lincoln loud house in order to get funnel cake let him to post... Off Lana and Lincoln can fully explain himself, the lincoln loud house have become closer siblings after this.... Memory of her arrival to town Grouse for Christmas much to the latter 's strict attitude moment ( for! Accidentally Steps on her for the damages, she sets Fangs and many bats. Seeing them handle performing to little kids at the end, they ride roller. Game together can fully explain himself, the two were playing catch with a prominent chipped tooth! When Ronnie Anne to stay at a birthday party performing having trouble getting Cliff use! The critical situation and simply tells Lana to save his sisters she 'll never this... Then finds him again temperature as nobody has asked him to the to... His student in his wooden class trailer outside the school a spa resort is made to their aunt.. Grease onto the `` burglar '', Bobbie watched them crossed the finish line jealous. Photo to save his sisters tell him that she taught him how to get rid a. Her House Lincoln tried to make a good relationship assignment of taking care him! Hoping to win the right way gigs for them as he also agreed to impersonate him during football! He then fears that she would n't occupy the television door and opened it gathers! `` Dance, Dance Resolution '', he plans a boy a to. House, Lincoln … Lincoln thought to himself admires the amount of attention give!

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