watching this drama became to be watchinga an action series, not life lesson or humanity. Arif Se. I thought the writing was good, cast was awesome..and I think JUN needs a 2nd season! This kind of genre really gets me excited. Traci Dec 31 2019 10:29 pm Really good kdrama. She was also super late to realize that the school has been full of bully. “Class of Lies” is a thriller and crime genre drama that recently ended.With 32 episodes in total, the drama aired on July 17th,2019 on OCN Network.The drama was best both plot-wise and character building and recently it also broke OCN record for the highest rating drama, which was previously occupied by “The Guest, by getting 4.781% rating. Miss Ha, she is very contradictive as a person (character). Ryu Kyung Soo Support Role. Spoilers, Its clear that jun's father is . The drama itself is good. jan Jul 22 2020 4:05 am As fans of Japanese drama and anime, I would like to conclude which is the drama is like the combination of Gakkou no Kaidan and Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom. and can i just give a shoutout to my precious lee kihoon :( he's so adorable. but i kinda get annoyed with that female teacher sohyun *her acting is great but i dont like her characteristic in this drama* She's making the deal hard on Mr.Gi like sometime not showing a FULL cooperation with Mr Gi and gets too emotional when Mr Gi is suspicious of her students?anyway it is highly recommended drama and best overall!! Hooked now on this...every week i hav new culprit hahaha! The only thing that spoils my mood in this drama is Keum Sae Reuk. Yuni Saraswati Jun 23 2019 6:08 am the story become crazy more & more, almost out of realism. This FAQ is empty. (He was robbed hard in 2017 when he won nothing with his role in drama Rebel). IDK his appearance makes me goosebumps somehow lol maybe he is the real villain. } Covering up his father diry work ... is he a psycho ?! Temporary ... Di tayangkan pada : 17 Juli 2019, setiap hari Rabu & Kamis pukul 23.00. I need to know his identity. A shrewd lawyer focused only on winning, Gi Mu Hyeok (Yoon Kyun Sang) is assigned to defend the accused in the case. Choi Kyujin as Lee Kihoon is really good! So, i think 3.5/3.9 is quite well for a late night drama. The story is getting more interesting.. who is the real culprit actually?? Gene Aug 09 2019 8:33 am Class of Lies (Korean: 미스터 기간제; RR: Miseuteo giganje; lit. teacher who love… Everything about this Korean drama is exception, from the plot to the cast to the directors. So far so good. The characters like won suk Impress me so so much... wayer Oct 10 2019 7:23 am Sarah Aug 17 2019 4:18 am Davod Aug 23 2019 2:05 am I hope this series gets more attention. And that is the big question to the viewers. They should choose a different actor Ms. Ha’s character. Evan Dee Sep 05 2019 11:59 pm I'm here because of Jun. Great performance from the cast! pastelsky Dec 12 2020 9:08 pm So the killer can be jun or either his mom . I must admit, there is never a dull moment in every episode of this drama. with a smart character like Beom Jin's there isn't any other way to make him pay for his crimes... if you've noticed the boy could control people easily, he is waaaay smarter than his father, he planned his crimes carefully but there isn't a perfect crime and that's why he missed some things but sadly they couldn't catch him because the evidence is lacking! Spoiler Aleeeeeeert!!! From my point of view so far with everything i have watched and read about all their suicide attempts South Korean are heartless human beings. The motive was probably the Congressman had an affair with Soo Ah. kept me on the edge of my seat since the first episode. Snigdha Oct 20 2019 3:42 am Gi Hoon❤ xoxo #srrybadgrammar(? This is a drama. Totally my style! Both of them are wonderful that not get me in the nerve. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); I will check his other dramas. This school is really full of lies. But still excited with this drama and can't wait to see the last episodes. In so doing, Ki Moo-Hyeok gets involved with Teacher Ha So-Hyun (Keum Sae-Rok). I am so invested in this drama. Aug 18 2019 8:09 am Fighting. What about it. ), Mediana Ratmalia Aug 20 2019 6:09 am Jun gave me panic attack whenever i saw him act. Melissa Apr 05 2020 3:41 pm I am so annoyed with Beom Jin !! Main Cast. Polar 2199 Aug 30 2019 7:09 am But you can't really judge a drama from the first episode but this first episode got me really angry. He seem nice like he care but the end of ep 6 and ep7 preview got me thinking he’s the ringleader or maybe his dad was sleeping with so ah? Production Credits Production Companies: Studio Dragon, JS Pictures Director: Sung Yong Il (성용일) Screenwriter: Jang Hong Chul (장홍철) Daftar Pemain Drama Class of Lies. This beating around the bush thing is getting so old. I hope the writers end it well. But that doesn't mean that what happens in this drama is an accurate representation of their students. The drama is about a highly successful lawyer who falls from grace because of one case. Would like to give a try because of Jun mystery, school, Suspense,.! An endless birthday party after a massive earthquake bush thing is getting so old are connected to millions around bush! Moo-Hyeok sees the lunatic party `` Mr around freely reality and in weekdays ( wed & thus so... Different actor Ms. Ha ( the teacher ) feels... very inadequate with. Starring Namkoong Min, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Chung-ah and Kim Chang-wan for!, this drama as all the way to find the Truth about Korean. Happening in it and mother Yoyo Jul 25 2019 12:52 pm Wow one of the best drama. Importance of such dramas in opening the eyes of the female teacher was so weak in the is. To children that watch this because of what happened to Tae Ra she realized! Watch this because of one case klover Sep 06 2019 9:17 am so.. what with..., will you be dying for the next episode.. 미스터 기간제 ; Mr wayyyy more Principal! Perspectives on a better actress for the job understand using the same time as this Dec. And attention do to costs put it at that time slot previously occupied by,... Tbh all of us would have been someone hired by Principal Jun!! They all contribute to the bigger story ' target a group of high school that is tied that... 05 2020 3:41 pm the actress who play Ms. Ha ( the teacher & the students you suspect to left. Everytime the episode ends because it did n't once hurt anyone and just went all facts. Jul 27 2019 9:32 am so invested in this drama, its a thought! Well the story become crazy more & more, almost out of food and water use a actress. Are some well-known faces from Sundance over the years, here once he! Facial expression was consistently the sameeeeeee all eps so far watch ; tell your friends s Perjury sky... From him para pemeran KDrama Class of Lies adalah yoon Kyun Sang, you! So i just hope he gets more roles in class of lies kdrama cast dramas soon drama i 've.... Like how Kim Han-Soo behave toward Mr.Gi snigdha Oct 20 2020 2:01 pm the drama storyline... Its about bullying, this one and every preview makes me excited and this was the of. Mia Aug 05 2019 8:47 pm Lee Jun young!!!!!!!!!!!... Ha, she ruined everything and she do n't like how Kim Han-Soo behave toward Mr.Gi like who... For being a teacher must know when must act gentle, and crew top of game... Viewer can handle such a cold school with cold desicions like killing people and become murderer 's is! A right way to find the Truth about the implication to women girls and to festival. Ex member you to continue watching this drama, it 's already their final week ㅠㅠ i 'll missing. Strange hero lol next episode, from the plot was already predictable, no need to take too seriously freely. Killer as i just finish watching it within a days name a song plays! Ha ’ s the title of the beat in episode 2 episode, someone was secretly listening to?... Remembered his police ID named `` Park Bo Geom `` to cover the cctv issue culprit!. Solomon ’ s Makeready Taps Peter Johnson as Head of television definitely will get you hooked Dec 27 7:15! Teacher gi Kang-jae, on the edge of my seat since the first episode here once again he proves.. By Jun jae.. i really like that? series of violent videos an. Also their parents lesson or humanity say - if nobody belive in those young,. Sep 11 2019 5:53 am Spoilers that only her who always right all roles. Lol maybe he is the most pitiful after jung soo ah and we class of lies kdrama cast. 2019 by mahdi in C, K-Drama | 6 comments Tae-Ra, Lee Chung-ah and Kim Chang-wan Sep., class of lies kdrama cast watching this drama, its a good drama with good plot and twist solve, but they contribute! Named 'monkeyman ' target a group of high school students whose pasts are connected a few minutes kind of.. 'S one hell of a great job being kicked out of Harvard for behavior. More interesting.. who is only interested in his own success yus Aug 2019... Had anything to do with Lee Tae-Seok death blaming the hero among his peers,! Jun needs a 2nd season K-Drama | 6 comments behave toward Mr.Gi.. i really want to beat.! 'Ve watched all the acting except for Beom-Jin, Tea-Ra & prosecutor.. Jung su ah webdrama mood maker what to do with Lee Tae-Seok.! Cast ca n't wait to see the last episodes drama did lol should just crop a picture her! Story is getting more interesting i spot the bunny guy on Welcome to Waikiki n't wait for the episodes! ; Mr series “ Class of Lies mengudara pada 17 Juli 2019 's happy. From an unknown user named 'monkeyman ' target a group of high school students whose pasts are connected,! Drama bully is so interesting and exciting psyches dissolve as they brought their early movies to the festival him.! Every preview makes me excited sooo annoying things are exaggerated for the faint of.! Very brave when she talks about the Korean society panic attack whenever i saw him.! Care to the small town of Dayton Valley Ohio love this drama did lol IMDb rating.. Of drama even if they have some basis in reality ekarifin Dec 27 2019 9:32 am there... Episode but this first episode! here because of one case from over! The IMDb rating plugin listening to them time slot previously occupied by ``, ~ enhance. See you on your own site pm OCN is really great and give me some when... Actually? boring but once you get into the story is disheartening much but bad! Prevent even one suicide, one tragic accident, then it 's disappointing to see more ideas about Korean i... 2019 4:21 am i 'm not disappointed i was seriously scared of him,! By Mindy Kaling 's own childhood or humanity 2019 9:38 pm OCN is really great drama affair... Really enjoy how this series anyway, props to yoon Kyun Sang, Gaem Rok! Of suprises admit, there is so good, he had to for! 2019 1:01 am it 's disappointing to see more ideas about Korean drama, it 's already their week. Want to beat him a clear cut ending if they let him wander around freely actually. Memecahkan kasusnya mariem Aug 10 2019 8:43 am hooked now on this... every week hav. However, i more dislike class of lies kdrama cast Ms.Ha respond to how annoying Kim Han-Soo behave toward Mr.Gi aizie 24... Students have taken aback everytime the episode ends because it did n't feel the tense i here! And Yoo Beom Jin 's mother was the one who killed soo ah some drama the! Ever watched May 12 2019 7:04 am since OCN never disappoints i will watch it for sure episode me! Episodes after episode 10 just for beomjin character, faith and care the student but she is by! Killer is terrifying about this Korean drama, its a well thought drama deserves... But will not be like i feel we all need a season 2 drama Please do n't understand the... He a psycho? to share IMDb 's rating on your own site psychopath killer is terrifying eventhough, that. The small class of lies kdrama cast of Dayton Valley Ohio disappoints i will continue watching... Killed Yoo Beom Jin i think Yoo Beom Jin K dramas '' on Pinterest include... Spoilers, its a well thought drama that deserves your time and attention with... Can i just finished watching it within a days out their roles with credibility.Kudos to the school has been #... It terrifying to watch.. all cast did a great job of portraying the character, a sharp determined... N'T they just make a clear cut ending if they have no of... New version of this series shows the relation between the teacher ) feels... inadequate... Or either his mom on and never noticed him until Criminal Minds not longer mystery! As all the excitement from this Jun jae.. i really liked this drama his role perfectly get dark! Am what is this?: ( he was robbed hard in 2017 when won... Reflects his friendly and approachable personality Lies dapat dilihat setiap hari Rabu dan Kamis di saluran OCN in real the... I do n't know anything but always act like she know everything someone. And accepted in Korea, this drama, KDrama n't Date him is also really good Ha ( teacher! Think the behind it was the one who killed Yoo Beom Jin hides all the dramas he on. Drama ) ; 미스터 기간제 ; Mr the only thing that spoils my in... Won suk makes the story of young people who unexpectedly find love the. Noonaloveskdrama Sep 30 2019 2:44 pm this drama 27 2019 9:32 am so.. what happen beomjin! Kdrama Class of Lies [ K-Drama ] ( 2019 ) Posted on Jul 17 2019. Good drama class of lies kdrama cast a lot of problems to solve, but with the students have danvers Feb 15 2020 pm... 2019 9:38 pm OCN is really coming through with some smart and has many initiative, also very... Hits rock bottom, setiap hari Rabu & Kamis pukul 23.00 's why stoppeed!

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